About Us

Centro Latino is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that improves the lives of at risk individuals and families in Shelby, Spencer, Oldham, Trimble and Henry counties and promotes civic engagement by educating, motivating and helping them access trustworthy support systems.

We build bridges that connect at-risk communities with the information and services they need for a better life. Working with and through partnerships with faith and community organizations, we increase access to vital information and community resources for at risk individuals and families. Since 1997, Centro Latino has remained a trusted, impartial voice for the underserved.

Centro Latino volunteers and advocates celebrate our hard-working vulnerable families who help to make our community better. These families strengthen our community and endeavor to improve life for themselves, their families, their neighborhoods and our society. Our mission at Centro Latino is to advance their prospects to achieve a part of the American Dream.


What does duty mean in practice and in principle for Centro Latino?  It’s something at the core of our conduct and identity.

It means that we continuously reflect on the impact we make in our community, that we keep the people who support us informed and that we are transparent and specific about the costs and benefits of our operation.

It means that we ground our decisions in our humanitarian ethics.  Centro Latino exists to assist those who would otherwise have no access to essential services.  And when it appears that Centro Latino can provide those services others cannot, we aspire to reach out to those who need it, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or affiliation regardless of how they came to be in need.  But we must answer certain questions when gauging the efficacy of our programs:  First and foremost, is what we are doing relevant and effective – are we improving lives?

To be accountable is to be willing to review, analyze and critique our operations constantly at all levels.

Who We Are

Sister Pat Reno

Centro Latino Executive Director


As Executive Director since 2008, Sister Pat has spent significant time with at-risk individuals and families. She says, “I have come to appreciate the strong faith in God and the family oriented community of our Latino friends.”

Prior to taking the helm at Centro Latino, Sister Pat worked for the Thomas Merton Foundation which became the Merton Institute for Contemplative Living.

In 1956 she entered the Adrian Dominican Congregation; taking final vows in 1962; Adrian, Michigan.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Barry University, Miami, FL
  • Masters of Science in Institutional Administration, Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska
  • Attended University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill – also  Siena Heights University, University of Michigan, Marygrove College and Saints Cyril & Methodius Seminary, all of Michigan.

These days are very difficult ones for the Latino Community.  Many came to find work here and to escape the violence and drugs which are prevalent in many places in Central America.  Those who are undocumented are very fearful of being picked up by Immigration and deported, leaving their children and spouses alone. 

Centro Latino helps many in the Latino community as well as those in the African American and white communities who are without jobs, the homeless, the elderly poor and many others who are impoverished for various reasons.

Sister Pat Reno
Centro Latino Executive Director

Centro Latino Executive Director Sister Pat Reno, OP; America Wayne, Assistant Director; board member Dan Feeser


America Wayne

Assistant Director

America is responsible for supporting the mission Centro Latino and its operations.  She is team leader and a skilled team player; someone who values the contributions of others, fosters an atmosphere of trust and respect, and insists upon tolerance and understanding. America works in alliance with the Executive Director to perpetuate the stewardship of our mission.  She is responsible for operations, including program management, administration, and translation services.

Violeta Nieto

Office Specialist

Violeta is the the first impression of Centro Latino when someone walks through our door.  In this role, she is responsible for connecting and communicating with our many families, visitors, and community members.  Her kind attention and relationship building skills are an important reflection of our family-friendly organization.

Sister Pat Reno and attorney Nathan Riggs

Executive Committee

  • Father Mike Tobin, Chairman of the Board
  • Rosemary Riggs, President
  • Paula Fangman, Secretary
  • Vance Simmons, Treasurer

Board of Directors

  • Fielding E. Ballard III
  • Paula Fangman
  • Dan Deeser
  • Stanley Fister
  • Yvonne Fox
  • Martha Groene
  • Deacon Bob Hart
  • Deborah Magan
  • Frank Page
  • Anna Pennington
  • Sister Pat Reno
  • Rosemary Riggs
  • Vance Simmons
  • Linda Snyder
  • Father Mike Tobin
  • America Wayne


Annual Report and 990

Centro Latino 2016-2017 Annual Report

Centro Latino 2016-17 Form 990

Centro Latino 2017-18 Form 990


Rosemary Riggs and Deborah Magan with a basket of goodies that were auctioned at a Centro Latino benefit.


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